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Who uses Remodel Cloud

to build estimates, manage jobs, create changes orders, and safely store project information?


Professionals or companies that specialize in remodeling and renovating existing structures, whether residential or commercial.


Professionals or companies that are primarily engaged in the construction of buildings and structures.


Provide construction services for a variety of projects, ranging from residential homes to commercial buildings and infrastructure.

  Handyman Services

Provides a range of general maintenance, repair, and improvement tasks for residential and commercial properties.

Remodel Cloud can support all home service professionals and specialties!


Check our Features

Supporting your business needs from initial customer meeting to a finished job!

  Sales CRM

  • Store and manage customer contact information
  • Track and manage leads throughout the sales pipeline
  • Keep track of sales opportunities
  • Visualize and manage the sales pipeline
  • Generate reports and analyze sales data
  • Store and manage sales-related documents, proposals, and contracts
  • Integration with other business tools
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  Job Dashboard

  • Centralized overview of all job aspects
  • Quick and easy access to critical information
  • Manage job information, customer information, project teams & financials
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  • Customized cost books
  • Build estimates quickly
  • Generate and use predefined assemblies
  • Easy point-n-click interface
  • Use margin guardrails to ensure profitability
  • Minimize risk of unexpected costs
  • Identify any necessary permits for the remodeling project and include the associated costs in the estimate.
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  Change Orders

  • Outline changes to original scope of work
  • Breakdown of additional materials, labor hours, equipment, or other expenses.
  • Build change orders using same tools as in building original estimates.
  • Formal approvals via change order agreements
  • Automatically send change order agreement for approvals
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  Specs & Agreements

  • Generate specifications from estimates with the touch of a button
  • Branded specifically for your business
  • Fully customizable and branded document specific to your company.
  • Auto generate using estimates and change orders
  • Define material, labor, and customer options
  • Establish a clear channel of communication between the contractor and the client.
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  Custom Pricing Guides

  • Extensive database of cost information consisting of 2000+ items across 25 categories.
  • Fully customizable to suit your business and services
  • Track material, labor, and other costs for each item.
  • Predefined systems or components commonly used in projects (i.e kitchens, bathrooms, HVAC Systems, etc.)
  • Quickly build estimates by inserting pre-defined assemblies
  • Generate new assemblies from existing estimates
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  Assemblies & Parts

  • Reuse existing estimates to create new estimates
  • Quickly build estimates by inserting pre-defined assemblies
  • Generate new assemblies from existing estimates
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  • Key financial summary view of project ensures completion within budget and avoidance of unexpected costs.
  • Margin based estimating ensures desired level of profit.
  • Send invoices to client and ensure payments are received on time.
  • Quickly identify pending invoices and/or change order approvals.
  • QuickBooks online integration (Coming soon)
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  Media Gallery

  • Centralized collection for all job specific digital media
  • Organize images, videos, documents, audio, etc...
  • Categorized and tagged for each project
  • Share and download content from media gallery pending permissions
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"Building Success, One Estimate at a Time: Your Trusted Construction Estimating Software"


Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions we have been asked!

  • You can contact us via this web site and the contact form or by calling up with the provided number. We have generated video tutorials on our You-Tube site as well as our many social media platforms. We look forward working and helping each and everyone of our customers.

  • Your data belongs to you and can be accessed via your account and by users in your account. Your data is not re-sold or utilized for any other purpose than Remodel Cloud. Our databases are fully backed up every week. Differential backups every 24 hours. Transaction log backups approximately every 10 minutes.

  • You may cancel you subscription at any time without penalty via the Billing Portal in Remodel Cloud. Your account will remain in Remodel Cloud databases for a period of 1 year where you can reinstate your subscription to resume using Remodel Cloud.

  • Yes, you can use your own cost book. Remodel Cloud initially provides you with a cost book of 2000+ tasks over 20+ categories. You can export and import your cost book data allowing you to make price changes or provide your own cost book information.

  • All Remodel Cloud contract agreements, customer specifications, change order agreements or others are fully customizable. You also have the option to provide your company specific document templates.

  • Remodel Cloud has an online training curriculum available. This session usually takes about 4 hours and we can handle up to 10 persons. Our training can be customized to your needs. Please call an ask about our options for training.

  • Yes... Check out our pricing below. Remodel Cloud is committed to provide functionality that is comprehensive enough for large Design Build or Builders, yet affordable for the 1 or 2 person Handyman service.


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